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About Us

ThurmanThurman Williams began his business career more than 25 years ago working in manufacturing and systems design, and since then he has built six different small businesses. Some of them have even been successful.

TarHeelWebs.com is a simple concept that addresses a widespread problem:  there are thousands of independently owned and operated businesses, and the cost of establishing a sharp, well-linked web presence is exhorbitant for each one.

The solution?  Master the technology, then listen to the customer.

When we do that, what we find is that many customers don’t require expensive features for their sites, and the features that they do need are being made less expensive by technology.  For example, many customers don’t care about a high national search engine ranking — they don’t work nationally.  Our customers want a high local search ranking. They often don’t need multiple email accounts, domain name management, or a bunch of other bells and whistles, either.

Some things our customers usually DO care about are:

  • That their site be found quickly and prominently in LOCAL and REGIONAL searches.
  • That their site be customized for their business, with maps, photos & licensing information that helps their customers personalize the experience.
  • That their site be featured and linked in Google Business® & Yahoo Local® – the primary drivers of referrals for smartphones.
  • That their site be optimized for handheld & smartphone use, with live clicks to dial their number.
  • That their site have clear, clean, consistent linkage through multiple free “traffic aggregators” such as Yelp!®, Mojopages®, Yellowbook®, Superpages® & more.
  • That what they pay for is related to results, not promises.

Knowing what our customers don’t need is as important as knowing what they do need, because this allows us to create their solution affordably.


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